New Edition, New Title, New Cover, Yeah!

Although for me, the author, this was a personal adventure which took me across the planet, I came to the realisation that this, after all, was a story of past secrets … therefore ‘history’.

So I have taken a new direction in how I see my true story, of history first, my personal adventure over some 5 years, second.

Both important.

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With its historical dimension a standout when it came to settling on the most appealing category.

A mystery, sure.

A personal memoir, indeed.

My romantic travels from Australia to New York, Regency England and Northern Italy, felt like a Hollywood movie.

But a new perspective on the early history of Australian settlement by the British, yeah, and a few unknown juicy details of Regency England and the Prince of Wales and his world, well okay.

The new subtitle ‘…The Secret That Might Have Changed History’ is getting a little closer to the heart of the matter, perhaps the main appeal of the story.

What secrets did I uncover in my search for answers to the 200 year-old mystery – and where else did it lead me?

This is definitely a page-turner with twists and turns galore – so purchase your own copy now!

246 pages softcover (illustrated).

Neil WJ Smith


PS. Throughout this fun book you’ll immediately benefit from the many nuggets of practical wisdom about life which I learned along the way.


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