4 months in Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Tuscany, Sanremo and a tiny alpine village with a beautiful Italian nurse?

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One hot day no more than a week after I’d arrived in this small alpine village in the north of Italy, I found myself in a magical Italian setting straight out of a Hollywood movie. All that was missing were the mandolins.

There I was at an Italian family wedding anniversary celebration, seated at a long table beneath a shady canopy of vines beside a picturesque lake surrounded by low hills.

Feasting on Italian food served one dish after another in quick succession by attentive waiters and drinking Italian wine, I was treated to a setting in the company of a tall Italian nurse with the voice of Sophia Loren and her family, all speaking Italian of course.

Just when I thought my personal adventures were over there was still one more important turn of events waiting in the wings, ready to burst on stage and sweep me up once more in one final chapter, the ultimate experience, the full circle to my story.

The final twist was that I was going there for a reason connected with my story of which I was totally unaware.

We photographed the Ponte Vecchio from the hill above Florence.

We shared six romantic days in the charming coastal resort of Santa Marinella travelling in to Rome from there by train, threw coins in the Trevi Fountain hoping I would one day return, stood overawed in St Peter’s Square, explored ancient archaeological sites outside Rome such as Ostia founded in the 4th Century BC and marvelled at what still remains of the Emperor Hadrian’s vast villa at Tivoli.

One balmy summers night we walked hand-in-hand through the colourful streets of Sanremo eating gelato and soaking up the warm holiday atmosphere of the Italian Riviera.

We drank strong Italian coffee in Sienna’s vast Il Campo.1111-product_thumbnail-php

And wandered through medieval villages and cities like Citta Alta in Bergamo

We drove to a bunch of medieval castles, including the Castello Gandolfo, the Pope’s holiday house, not at all like the castle shown in the movie of ‘The Da Vinci Code’. Not like a castle at all.

I was treated to everything Italian, the gelato, the pizza, the pasta, the Italian coffee, the romantic Italian music, the history, the culture, the language and the Italian people.

I fell in love with it all.

And my story had come full circle.

Get the book direct from the publisher HERE and enjoy chapters 23 and 25 to experience my romantic Italian adventure of a lifetime with me.




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