What Would You Do After Bankruptcy?


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It happened to me when I least expected it.

My freelance ad copywriting business had been sailing along just fine for over 10 years.

I was working from my home in a leafy inner Melbourne suburb then my life suddenly crashed and burned.

Next thing I knew I was driving along a country road, alone, with pretty much everything I owned crammed into my family sedan, homeless, penniless, friendless and, well, bankrupt.

But somehow, I managed to turn that around because, as I was to learn, you have two choices in a situation like that …

Sink or swim.

And when our backs are to the wall, we are capable of pulling off some extraordinary things that, otherwise, we would never even think of doing.

My book begins at this point.

We sail along in life, working our butts off to make a living.

We never imagine that one day everything might come to a sudden hault.

Then what?

Sometimes we take the plunge and try working for ourselves, a fast track to success maybe, just as they tell us we should do.001

We think we take all the right steps, try our darndest to succeed, but then we end up flat on our face.

It’s basically what happened to me.

And my non-fiction book ‘The Mystery of Granny’s Ghost’ begins at the time I and my one-man freelance business went bankrupt.

The next 10 years was an extraordinary unplanned adventure which started out, as a Writer’s Digest review says, “the narrator finding his way in the world,” a completely new world to the one I failed in, which I had left behind.

I’m reminded of a saying which I’m sure you’ve heard:

Make the thing and they will come.

Well, I have another saying I made up to summarise what happened to me when I left the world I knew behind and went to live in an old caravan in the country for 5 years.

It’s not what I had planned.1111-product_thumbnail-php

I had planned nothing.

Which leads me to my saying:

Do the thing and they will come.

So I did the thing, that is, left my unhappy life behind – as if I had a choice! – and threw all concern of what would happen to me to the wind.

To fate, if you like.

I became involved in a wonderful community of people, enjoyed healing of my battered body (and soul), found myself flying across the planet from Australia with nothing, lived for 6 months with a beautiful school teacher in New Jersey, USA, 4 months with an Italian nurse in romantic northern Italy and chasing clues to a mystery in Regency England with a fellow writer.

The Writer’s Digest reviewer says, “It’s got everything it needs to be a blockbuster.”






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