What? A mystery and no murder?

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In today’s world we are presented with ‘the mystery’ either as TV cops and robbers or the fictional novel with mysteries focused on criminal acts or a murder. Or both.

This is necessary in order to occupy a good hour of television time or hundreds of book pages leading to the solving of the crime or the perpetrator of the horrendous act.

As an author, I think that’s fair enough.

But wait on.

Haven’t we neglected something in the genre of mystery, the true mystery minus the crime and dead bodies?

Have we collectively forgotten the real meaning of a mystery and are there no good genuine real life mysteries around to offer the world something of it’s true meaning.

Must we be eternally occupied with the art of fiction, of inventing stuff we can call a mystery?

Is there not enough drama and conflict and the stuff of mystery around, today or in the past, to provide the word smith with the material of true fiction.

Don’t they say that fact that is stranger than fiction?

A dictionary definition of mystery goes: “One that is not fully understood or that baffles or eludes the understanding; an enigma:”

My book is such a mystery.

No crimes and no dastardly murders.






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