Granny Was Not Your Average Everyday Spooky Scary Ghost (true story)

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In fact no-one picked her for a ghost at all.

Let’s just say she was around for five years of Florence’s life, her childhood companion, acting like any normal everyday granny.

But then, over 100 years later, she was sprung.

Florence went to find a record of her death only to learn, from the official records at Melbourne Cemetery, that when she was around she was actually dead.

Seventeen years dead.

Doesn’t that qualify her for the title of a ghost?

Albeit a friendly, normal, human-like ghost?

The moment of Florence’s realization that her beloved granny was indeed a ghost is told in touching detail in my book ‘The Mystery of Granny’s Ghost’.

The ghost in question being the very same ghost I’m talking about here.

Not a scary ghost, perhaps, but nonetheless at enigmatic one.

What the hell was she doing here?

What was the secret she left behind, merely by being here for those five years?

And what other clues came together at this point in time – over 100 years later – to send me off on a chase across the planet following the clues to a mystery that, by page 237, I have resolved.

Sort of.

It’s a great read I promise you.






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